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Coffee as your health drink

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For some time now, the debate continues on the health benefits of coffee. There are a variety of studies which found out that indulging on certain amounts of coffee causes high blood pressures, heart ailments and even ulcers.
On the other hand, there have been an almost equal number of researches that proved the health benefits of drinking coffee. Let’s look more closely on the second one.
Recent medical findings have shown that regular consumption of coffee reduces the risk of Parkinson’s, diabetes, and even lowers the risk of having colon cancer.
It seems that the high caffeine content of coffee is the one responsible for all these. The development of Parkinson’s for one has been found out to be indirectly correlated to the intake of caffeine. The more you take in caffeine, the less the risk you develop the disease. The same goes with type 2 diabetes as well.
As more studies are being conducted, the more they are moving towards making their studies conclusive. It has been found that taking two cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of developing colon cancer by as low as 25 percent.
An 80% drop in the risk of having liver cirrhosis was observed in people who drink at least 2 cups of coffee on a daily basis.
The antioxidants found in the coffee appear to be the ones responsible for reducing the chances of developing such diseases. It seems that the antioxidants control the growth of the cells of these diseases.
Also, antioxidants are great sources of chlorogenic acid which have been found to be able to reduce glucose concentrations in one’s body.
However, one important factor in all these studies is the quantity of coffee consumption. They have found a number of benefits from drinking a cup or two per day. Some of the benefits disappear once the individual drinks more than two cups of coffee in a day. The more cup of coffee you drink, the less benefits you will receive.
Aside from the antioxidant contents, coffee’s caffeine has some great effects on our body. Recent research from the University of Bristol found out that the caffeine influences our cognition and mood.
According to the study, caffeine from coffee can increase alertness and performance thus increasing one’s productivity especially in the workplace.
Still, coffee does have some not so good effects. Caffeine contains a mild addictive stimulant, coffee itself can cause an increase heart rate as well as an increased blood pressure. But as always, the key is moderation.
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