Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alternatives to your coffee cup

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No matter how good your cup of coffee tastes in the morning, the afternoon between meals, and in the evening; it is best to curb the habit. After all, too much of anything is not good for you.
If you cannot put a stop to your daily stimulant, here are some tips that can help you make each cup a little healthier.
Have some variety
Coffee is not the only thing that you can drink. If possible, look for variety. Do not drink coffee all day. Substitute your cup of coffee with hot chocolate or maybe an orange juice or lemonade. Cola drinks are not an alternative as these also contain caffeine.
If you can, look for alternatives to caffeine such as juices and other great drinks. This way, you will not have only caffeine running through your veins, you will have vitamin C and sugar to keep you awake and alert for the duration of the day.
Eat not drink

Some people just drink coffee because they don’t want to eat anymore, either because they are dieting or because they just don’t have the time to eat anything anymore. This, however, is not a healthy.
If you are hungry, eat! Just stick to the healthy alternative if you don’t want to gain weight. One example is fruit; they can be a healthy alternative to coffee. Fruits can provide the vitality and energy that you need from your coffee and at the same time give you essential vitamins and minerals. Always put some biscuits inside your drawer. Coffee-flavored can probably be a good alternative to your coffee craving.
Another good alternative to coffee is the oatmeal. Like coffee, it is steaming hot, and it provides great energy for the rest of the day. What is more, oatmeal is a great antioxidant which keeps the body healthy and hearty. If you do not like a taste, then choose packs of oatmeal that have flavors like chocolate and vanilla.
What great way to stimulate the senses and to increase one’s energy than to engage in physical activity to start your day off? Your muscles will need to get used to the activity but eventually you will be able to feel the strength that physical activity gives you.
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