Monday, March 29, 2010

Coffee and cream

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During the recent years, we have been taken over by an experience a lot different from the others, an experience of pure and unadulterated goodness, one that makes a rollercoaster ride like a slow turtle on mud. An experience so magical, so unique and so electrifying that a lot of people are standing in line just to be served the experience-the ultimate coffee experience that is.
We have seen them sprout and mushroom almost everywhere that we can find. Cafes and coffee shops have been steadily increasing in number not only in the urban areas but in the suburban and rural areas as well.
This is brought about by the large demand of the current generation for a place to do their business, meet people, hang-out with friends and spend moments with special people.
Because of the abundance of choices and the seemingly endless choices of products, people are becoming more and more discerning of their choice of venue and product. As they say only the best will survive, and the truth is only those who could provide the best coffee experience last long enough to say how they manage to do it.
Out on a coffee experience
The seemingly endless competition of big and small coffee shop and cafs all boil down to one thing, how you make the coffee. Being the primary product of a coffee shop it is an imperative that the coffee we are served meets the high standards of the consumers.
Not only is the taste being judged, the presentation, the excitement and the experience that it gives and creates in the customer serves as the basis for how much the product will impact the society.
Classic combinations like coffee and sugar and coffee and cream of course will never be out of the picture but since people are looking for an adventure with every cup, it wouldn’t be bad to experiment on different brews that would create a sense of anticipation in the part of the consumer.
Trying out different flavors like hazelnut, nutmeg, cinnamon, chocolate, milk, honey, and other flavors that could boost the smell of the already aromatic smell of pure coffee can make a person’s day.
Blending coffee with different bases could create a different texture that could promise a different experience every time the customer sips his cup. Blending coffee with different ingredients like ice, jelly and colas could give your boring old coffee a different kick.
Since you have become so brave and creative as far as experimenting with your coffee is concerned, why not try outrageous and totally out of this world blends that would surely be the talk of the town.
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