Sunday, April 25, 2010

Coffee in any way is still coffee

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks man has ever discovered throughout the world. Coffee is so popular that people all around the world have actually invented different ways of enjoying it.
In more than one, coffee is now taken, drank, eaten and enjoyed all over the world. Yes, you read it right coffee is taken, drank, eaten and enjoyed.
Coffee is taken, as opposed to its original liquid form coffee is can now be taken orally like a pill because of the introduction of a coffee flavored candies and mints. A really weird idea at the start but it was a hit. The idea for coffee candy was simple, if there is a chocolate bar; a milk candies and peanut butter ice cream why not make coffee flavored candy since more people drink coffee.
So was the history of coffee flavored candy. That really simple idea turned out to be the face-lift that coffee really needed. Since most people only recognize coffee in it’s purest and simplest form, seeing coffee with a different look and a different attitude is a refreshing and welcome change.
Coffee is supposed to be drunk. Although coffee is really taken in liquid form and it is not really a shocker to many people, one thing is for sure though you cannot be too sure of what to expect.
During the recent years, coffee shops have been popping out here and there like prairie dogs. They have been sprouting like mushrooms all over the metropolis as response to the need of a lot of people for a place that they can do business, hang out, relax, and just be with the people that they want to be with, with the inclusion of some other reasons that people need coffee shops.
People are starting to find out that it is more convenient as a place to work out important business, a place for dates, a place to study and a place to meet and greet other people who share the same passion for coffee.
Because of the competition and because of the demand for more and more coffee shops that have an edge over the others, that edge would be the different mixes and brews that coffee can become. From the simple brewed coffee to the most flamboyant ice blended coffee and fraps.
Coffee is eaten and enjoyed. Yes, it is eaten and enjoyed by a lot of people all over the world. Coffee can now be eaten in the form of pastries and other baked delights. Just like the candies, coffee brownies, tarts, and pies are seen all over coffee shops and other places where people usually congregate to have the caffeine rush.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coffee in the Latin regions

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Black is in Mexico
Coffee in the Latin American region is mostly centered on the Mexican parts of the region. Coffees are produced in the gulf side of the region particularly in the Vera Cruz State. Coffees in these areas that are worthy to try are the Altura Orizaba and Altura Huatusco. Another source of coffee in this side of the world is the Altura Coatepec, which are purported to be really good-tasting.
Those that are produced in Oaxaca State as well as those in the Chiapas state are enjoying great reviews from coffee lovers all over the world.
Fine coffees are however not as a big thing in the Latin region as they lack the richness and thickness that can be seen in the coffees of other countries. Black coffees are still best in Mexico.
Coffee gold mine
The best coffees in the world can be found in the lands of this small country. Guatemala produces some of the best tasting coffees in the world. Among the kinds that it is most famous for are the Antigua coffee, the Coban, which can be found in the Alta Verapaz regions and the Huehuetenango, which is great-tasting although not as celebrated as the other two.
The Huehuetenango is fast gaining ground as many now prefer this over the Antigua, not because it is better tasting, but because the quality of the latter is dipping.
Coffee in Guatemala has a distinct spicy flavor that is hard to get in coffees in other countries. This is perhaps the reason why its coffee industry is steadily climbing.
Rich and Robust
There is nothing more that you can ask for in the coffee of Costa Rica. Compared to the Mexican coffee, Costa Rican kinds are richer and more robust. In fact, their coffee is often compared to a good wine. Coffees are grown primarily in San Jose, particularly in the districts of Tres Rios, Alajuela and San Marcos de Tarrazu.
Blended in the mountains
The most famous of coffee blends come from the Jamaican Blue Mountain. This is one of the most distinguished coffee blends in the world, known for its high price tag and distinctly addicting flavor. The success of the Blue Mountain blend is actually a sharp contrast to the failure of the coffee industry in other parts of the region particularly in the lowlands.
Because of the heavy tag prices that coffees in Blue Mountain command, locals take advantage and call their coffees Blue Mountain even if they are not produced in the same altitude. This is perhaps the reason why coffee produce has begun to dip in popularity.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffee Is An Ideal Gift

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Research shows that coffee ranks third to what Americans consume daily. The first two are water and soda, which just goes to show there, is a huge demand for it. If there is a party coming up and the celebrant loves drinking it, perhaps giving coffee is an ideal gift.
Coffee comes in different flavors and variations. The person can get a particular brand that the celebrant likes or buys something that has never been consumed before to open up the individual to the kinds out there.
This can be purchased in coffee shops or in the supermarket. Not all the establishments sell these in value packs. One way to make it personal is by buying three kinds, putting it in a nice basket and then giving it away.
If the person does not know what to give, most cafes have gift certificates. It doesn’t matter what denomination. The important thing is that this is the place where the celebrant comes often to get a cup or even have a light snack.
Sometimes value packs and gift certificates are not enough. Perhaps the best thing to get is a coffee maker so the celebrant will be able to use this at home. This appliance comes in all shapes and sizes. These are available in plastic or stainless steel. If you want this to last for a long time with a friend, perhaps getting the kind of metal is better.
Making coffee using the machine is not enough without a mug. This brings another idea, which is to get a personalized one. Some stores are able to print a picture while others will just engrave the name.
Coffee isn’t only for drinking. There are ways to make coffee caramel ice cream or a cake using the same ingredients. Those who love to bake can be given a cookbook to expand the individual’s knowledge of what else coffee can be used for.
There are many ways to make someone appreciate the wonders of coffee. The examples given are merely the beginning since there are even recipes and books of how to serve it cold or mix this with other dishes.
Coffee unlike sodas has health benefits. This is because it is not high in calories and sugars, which are fattening.
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

When hot coffee turns cold as ice

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When you think of coffee what comes in to your mind? “Hot?” Yeah. “Foam?” Yeah. But what is it that makes coffee a true blue brew? Usually, when we are talking about coffee we are talking about hot, brewed and classic blend.
But, because of the demand for a more exciting and more satisfying coffee experience, more and more people became experimental on their coffee. They wanted a new coffee experience. Talking about the ultimate coffee experience, what would be better for you? On a hot summer day after working out in the gym, you decided to walk home.
As you were walking, you received a message that says your girlfriend was around the block and wants to hook up. Thinking about how sudden things happened you told her that you will meet her in a coffee shop not far from where both of you are coming form. She said ok, you got there ahead of her and you got yourself a cup of coffee, on a summer day. Now wouldn’t you think that it would have been better if you had something as good as coffee but as cold as ice?
Now that is not a bad concept right. Good tasting brewed coffee but it is cold as ice. Iced coffee is ready to serve even on a hot summer’s day. People have more than enough reason nowadays to drink coffee; it is after all the oldest and most common concoction known to man.
Looking back, coffee has indeed penetrated the modern society. Back in the old day’s coffee has been the potion of choice for travelers arriving from long journeys bearing news or other announcements from lands from afar. Coffee was also often offered to visiting guests as a ritual of bonding countries, families and individuals.
Coffee beans were also a top item for trade during the Galleon trade years. Coffee beans, at one time were of the same value as gold and a lot of people considered a barrel of coffee beans as valuable as their weight in gold.
So why should I buy ice blended coffee and not my regular hot coffee? As opposed to hot coffee of course cold coffee is colder. But recent studies have shown that cold coffee packs more than icy cold goodness in every sip. Cold coffee is actually “coffier” than the usual coffee.
This means that the levels of caffeine found in cold coffee has greater concentration than the ones that are found in hot coffee.
Ice blended coffee in fact has better effect on people working in the wee hours of the night than hot coffee. Cold coffee also has more antioxidants because of the high levels of concentration of caffeine. And believe it or not, cold coffee is cheaper to make the hot
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