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When hot coffee turns cold as ice

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When you think of coffee what comes in to your mind? “Hot?” Yeah. “Foam?” Yeah. But what is it that makes coffee a true blue brew? Usually, when we are talking about coffee we are talking about hot, brewed and classic blend.
But, because of the demand for a more exciting and more satisfying coffee experience, more and more people became experimental on their coffee. They wanted a new coffee experience. Talking about the ultimate coffee experience, what would be better for you? On a hot summer day after working out in the gym, you decided to walk home.
As you were walking, you received a message that says your girlfriend was around the block and wants to hook up. Thinking about how sudden things happened you told her that you will meet her in a coffee shop not far from where both of you are coming form. She said ok, you got there ahead of her and you got yourself a cup of coffee, on a summer day. Now wouldn’t you think that it would have been better if you had something as good as coffee but as cold as ice?
Now that is not a bad concept right. Good tasting brewed coffee but it is cold as ice. Iced coffee is ready to serve even on a hot summer’s day. People have more than enough reason nowadays to drink coffee; it is after all the oldest and most common concoction known to man.
Looking back, coffee has indeed penetrated the modern society. Back in the old day’s coffee has been the potion of choice for travelers arriving from long journeys bearing news or other announcements from lands from afar. Coffee was also often offered to visiting guests as a ritual of bonding countries, families and individuals.
Coffee beans were also a top item for trade during the Galleon trade years. Coffee beans, at one time were of the same value as gold and a lot of people considered a barrel of coffee beans as valuable as their weight in gold.
So why should I buy ice blended coffee and not my regular hot coffee? As opposed to hot coffee of course cold coffee is colder. But recent studies have shown that cold coffee packs more than icy cold goodness in every sip. Cold coffee is actually “coffier” than the usual coffee.
This means that the levels of caffeine found in cold coffee has greater concentration than the ones that are found in hot coffee.
Ice blended coffee in fact has better effect on people working in the wee hours of the night than hot coffee. Cold coffee also has more antioxidants because of the high levels of concentration of caffeine. And believe it or not, cold coffee is cheaper to make the hot
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